Parashah Insights

Personal insights concerning “parshiot ha-shavuah” (weekly Torah portions). Often, you can find real connections between the parashat hashavuah and what is happening in the world at that time. Torah scholars past and present give us knowledge and inspire us to contemplate different levels of meaning. I think we gain a little more when we add our own insight.


Parashat Vayeishev Part 7

Excerpt: Veyeishev Part 7:
The Chamberlain of the Cupbearers and the Chamberlain of the Bakers both became prisoners in Joseph’s ward (and under Joseph’s custody). One night they each had a disturbing dream. When they told their dreams to Joseph, Joseph gave them an interpretation. He said the cupbearer would be restored to his position. But the baker would be hanged. These things came true, just as Joseph had said they would. Yet, the cupbearer forgot about Joseph, and Joseph remained in prison.

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Potiphar's Wife

Parashat Vayeishev Part 6

Excerpt: Vayeishev Part 6: Joseph was a handsome young man. That was an established fact. Unfortunately, the wrong woman was strongly attracted to him. Potiphar’s wife made repeated attempts to get Joseph into her bed. Joseph repeatedly refused, explaining that he could not betray his master, nor could he sin before God. One day, Potiphar’s wife grabbed at Joseph’s garment. Joseph slipped out of the garment and ran outside half-naked. Potiphar’s wife screamed and concocted a story about how Joseph tried to have his way with her. Potiphar had no choice but to put Joseph in prison. This chapter ends with the prison warden placing so much trust in Joseph, that Joseph had custody of all the prisoners in that ward.

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Parashat Vayeishev Part 5

Excerpt: Veyeishev Part 5: Back in Egypt, Joseph is doing very well. A prominent Egyptian, Potiphar bought Joseph from Ishmaelites. After seeing Joseph succeed in everything he did, Potiphar gave him custody of the entire household.

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Judah Meets Tamar

Parashat Vayeishev Part 4

Veyeishev Part 4: Judah has lost favor in his brothers’ eyes. He finds a friend to do business with. Then he gets married and has three sons. He finds a beautiful wife, Tamar, for his first son, Er. But she is so beautiful, Er does not want to make her pregnant. He dies. Then his brother, Onan , dies for similar reasons. In the end Tamar sort of tricks Jacob into making her pregnant.

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Joseph is sold to Ishmaelites

Parashat Vayeishev Part 3

Veyeishev Part 3: After Reuben intervened to prevent his brothers from killing Joseph outright, they tossed Joseph in a pit. Their plan was to tell Jacob that some wild beast must have devoured the kid. When they saw a caravan of Ishmaelites, Judah convinced his brothers to sell Joseph into slavery.

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Joseph's Brothers Put Him In A Pit

Parashat Vayeishev Part 2

Veyeishev Part 2: The 10 older sons of Jacob go to Shechem to pasture their sheep. Jacob asks Joseph to go there to check up on his brothers and also to check on the flocks. Jacob probably wanted Joseph to make amends with his brothers. Unfortunately, Joseph’s brothers were already plotting to kill him.

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