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Israeli-Palestinian Solution: Diplomacy from 1978-2014

Discover the untold stories of Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy from 1978 to 2014 in our insightful collection

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Product Summary

The "Israeli-Palestinian Solution: Diplomacy from 1978-2014" offers a comprehensive analysis of diplomatic efforts made between the years 1978 and 2014 to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This insightful product explores the various negotiations, agreements, and peace initiatives undertaken during this period, shedding light on the complexities and challenges involved in the pursuit of a lasting solution.

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Additional Product Details

  • Israeli-Palestinian Solution:
  • Diplomacy from 1978-2014
  • Comprehensive analysis of diplomatic efforts
  • In-depth examination of historical context
  • Insights into key negotiations and agreements
  • Expert perspectives from diplomats and officials
  • Objective analysis of successes and challenges
  • Overview of international involvement and support
  • Detailed timeline of diplomatic milestones
  • Exploration of peace-driven initiatives
  • Highlighting key individuals and their roles
  • Insights into the impact on the region
  • Analysis of evolving strategies and tactics
  • Contributions from renowned Middle East scholars
  • Comprehensive coverage of diplomatic setbacks
  • Insights into the complex nature of the conflict
  • Perspectives from Palestinian and Israeli voices
  • Detailed maps and visual aids for clarity
  • Unbiased examination of differing viewpoints
  • Insights into the role of media and public opinion
  • Examination of the Oslo Accords and subsequent developments
  • Relevant analysis for researchers and policymakers
  • Promotes understanding and dialogue for a peaceful future

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