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Ner Mitzvah Hanukkah Candles - Multicolor (44 Count)

Illuminate your Hanukkah celebrations with this 44 count pack of Multicolor Ner Mitzvah Hanukkah Candles

Product Price

$19.99 $7.99

Product Summary

The Ner Mitzvah Hanukkah Candles - Multicolor (44 Count) is the perfect choice for celebrating Hanukkah in Israel. Made from premium quality wax, these classic chanukah candles have a minimum burn time of 30 minutes and are designed to fit most menorahs with their 5/16" standard size.

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Additional Product Details

  • Product Highlights:
  • 1. Vibrant Multicolor Candles
  • 2. Handcrafted in Israel
  • 3. Premium Quality Materials
  • 4. Perfect for Hanukkah Celebrations
  • 5. Traditional Jewish Symbolism
  • 6. Long-lasting Burn Time
  • 7. Provides Warm and Flickering Glow
  • 8. Enhances the Festive Ambiance
  • 9. Safe and Non-toxic
  • 10. Easy to Light and Extinguish
  • 11. Fits Standard Menorahs
  • 12. Ideal for Gift-giving
  • 13. Adds a Touch of Elegance
  • 14. Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Joy
  • 15. Creates a Memorable Experience
  • 16. Embraces Jewish Heritage
  • 17. Suitable for Religious Observances
  • 18. Great for Home or Synagogue Use
  • 19. Cultivates Family Traditions
  • 20. Inspires Spiritual Reflection

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