The War On Chanukah And How To Win


Preface: It was a good day and it was a bad day for the Israelites. Jerusalem rose once again to be the shining light toward which the Israelites have always turned. This was good. On the same day, anti-Israelites came out in droves, raising their voices in forums and putting their pens to parchment to distort the facts, to align the “aggressive” Israelites with the nefarious agenda of an unpopular leader. This was not good.

Another preface: ‘Twas about a week before Chanukah, and all over the networks, not a pundit could resist talking about the president’s latest pronouncement. Not just tweet. But planned televised address. He announced that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Then his dentures came loose.

Just before Chanukah, no less. (Note: Chanukah is all about Jerusalem. It really is.)

What are we supposed to think?

The president did something good. He told a truth. Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel,  ………. (See the rest in the flip book, below.)

What about the other side? Was Trump courageous?

No, he faced no personal risk whatsoever. He gained support from evangelical  ………. (See the rest in the flip book, below.)

Summary: It isn’t politics, it’s just another volley in the war on Chanukah, which is why it’s all in the prefaces, and not the whole story at all.

And now, The War On Chanukah And How To Win
(a flip book)

Go ahead and flip through the pages. Use the full screen thing at the bottom for easier reading. Use your escape button to get back to this screen.

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